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Life and Health Insurance
Technology Integrations
Organization, time, and security are important to us and our clients.

We reinvest our resources into providing the best software solutions for our clients.
Every service we provide stems from our licensing and practice focus of life and health insurance.  Even though group benefits and individual life insurance seem a far distance away, it falls under the same insurance license. 

From group benefits to individual term life, we have got you covered.

Our brokerage is independent, but we have access to the majority of the insurance carriers in each focus space. 

When a prospect uses Baypoint Insurance  Services they can rest assured that they will receive quotes from the most relevant product options in the market.

Group (Insurance) Benefits

Our group benefits focus is strictly on the employee health and welfare end.  Our  group insurance coverage options include:
medical, dental, vision, life, disability, long-term care, and ancillary plans.
ACA  and Section 125 Compliance:

Our groups with 50 full-time equivalents or more are provided 1095 and 1094 reports at no cost.

We make sure our business owner clients are getting the most out of offering benefits to their employees by helping them setup their Section 125 POP plan which will allow them to deduct insurance premiums.
Online Enrollments:

Complimentary to our clients is our benefits management programs that provides online enrollments, payroll deduction calculations, employee onboarding, payroll integration, ACA compliance and more.
In-Person Meetings:

Although we utilize technology, we know some employees prefer to meet in-person.  We meet with all of our groups to help them with enrolling into their desired insurance benefits and to act as a resource for benefit specific questions.

Individual Insurance 

Long Term Care Insurance

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Long-Term Care insurance is the fastest growing part of our business.  We specialize in Hybrid Long-Term Care products that provide return of premium options, life insurance, or long-term care insurance if needed.  These have guaranteed premiums and are  paid up in full in years 1-10
We offer a wide variety of life insurance products to help protect families and businesses from financial hardships or taxes.
Many of our clients don't need to take medical exams and most applications can be done online and over the phone.
Disability insurance is all about definitions.  When will the policy payout, for what reason, and why.  We comb through definitions to make sure at time of claim our clients will get paid.

Medical Insurance

Medicare Supplements


Many of our individual medical clients are in transition or self-employed.  We can explore both on and off-exchange programs.  Outside of special enrollments you may only apply during the open enrollment period beginning Nov. 1st.

We can also provide overseas medical insurance if you are traveling internationally.
Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans tend to seem complicated.  We uncomplicate the process and provide a variety of options for those looking to add these sometimes free options to Original Medicare.  We take physicians, medical groups, and prescriptions into consideration when proposing plans to individuals.
Annuities can be excellent planning tools when used properly.  Whether there is a need for guaranteed income or to remove assets out of an individuals name, we can provide a variety of competive options.

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