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Local and State Entities

Due to the size and the steady incomes of most municipal entities, we have the fortunate opportunity to negotiate the best products and prices for municipal employees.  Both our traditional and supplemental insurance packages can compliment any current insurance program available, whether self-insured or not.

Business Owners and Their Employees

Business owners are constantly facing tougher and tougher regulatory issues.  This is especially true when it comes to the insurance benefits they are required to provide.  While we want to ensure the business owner is compliant, we also want to educate the employer on certain benefits that are available for just them and their key employees.

Professional and Labor Class

Associations have the power of nu,mbers.  We utilize this power to get things like discounted life, disability, long-term care, and supplemental insurance plans.  We also offer our associations with more than just insurance benefits.  Packages may include Concierge Health Care, Tele-Medicine, and Rx Discount Cards.

Multigenerational and New Families

Both multigenerational and new families need to be educated and updated about the insurance services available.  We will help protect your family against loss of income, costly care costs, estate taxes, and a loss of a bread winner.
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